Freedmen’s is a laid back lounge, beer garden, and smokehouse serving barbecue and retro-inspired cocktails in an historic Austin building.

4PM-7PM, Tuesday-Friday

$2 Lone Star Draft & Pabst Tallboys
$3 Whiskey of the Month
$2 Off Glasses of Wine & Well Drinks
$5 Barbecue Sammies


We have a collection of over 160 whiskeys and growing! Ask about our Whiskey Lovers Program and start tracking the whiskeys you try with a loyalty card. The first guest to purchase 150 unique whiskeys wins a VIP tour of the Treaty Oak Distillery (see in store for details), the first 14 guests will be added to honor board behind the bar, and everyone who reaches 150 will receive 10% off food for life! 

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Rev. Jacob Fontaine (1808 – 1898)

Named after its longest residents, the Franzetti building was built “four stones thick” in 1869 by a freed slave named George Franklin. It quickly became the center of Austin’s first “freed man community” known as Wheatville, in honor of its founder, James Wheat.

Most of its importance in the community can be directly attributed to one of the building’s most notable residents, Reverend Jacob Fontaine. He and his family lived in the building from 1875 to 1898 from which he operated a number of community oriented businesses such as the New Hope Baptist Church, one of many churches he helped to establish in Austin. Fontaine was also involved with The Gold Dollar, one of the nation’s first black newspapers which was instrumental in teaching freed slaves to read, helping loved ones locate lost relatives after the Civil War, and for keeping current on important news.

Once a residence, a church, a publishing house, and a grocery store, among other things, it is now a cocktail lounge, beer garden, and smokehouse. We named it Freedmen’s in honor of those that molded a tradition of community and commerce in this very spot so many years ago.