Freedmen’s Bar

Impeccable Beer Garden for Every Occasion

Freedmen’s is a beer garden, laid back whiskey lounge & smokehouse serving barbecue & retro-inspired cocktails in an historic Austin building.


The perfect gift for lovers of barbecue and whiskey! It’s easy to have a card mailed to a friend or colleague, or email it when time is running out.



Reservations are not necessary.

While there is never a line and rarely a wait, some or all barbecue items may sell out before your arrival. To ensure you get your most desired items, request a reservation below and we’ll respond with a suggested menu and instructions on how to confirm your order. Sorry, we cannot reserve a table without  preorder. Whilst you are waiting you can play our vintage online slot game like  online book of dead spelen. More information about these games you will find here. You have to wait for your BBQ anyways!

Walk-ins are always welcome!


The Saloon


The Saloon upstairs is perfect for a party of up to 48.

The Beer Garden


The Beer Garden outside is perfect for a party of up to 80.



Parties larger than 80, or parties wanting to utilize the lounge, may be interested in a Buyout.

To inquire about booking a private party, please submit a request below



Orders may be picked up at 2408 San Gabriel, #130A.

Please submit a request online up to 15 minutes prior to desired pickup time, or call 512-434-0334 at least 48 hours prior to the pickup time.  A 5% fee is added to all orders for takeout packaging.



Serve Freedmens at your next event.


Tuesday & Wednesday
11:00am – 10:00pm

Thursday – Saturday
11:00am – 12:00am

Brunch: 11:00am – 4:00pm
Dinner: 4:00pm – 10:00pm

Closed Monday

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Freedmensbar Impeccable Beer Garden for Every Occasion
Impeccable Beer Garden for Every Occasion
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  • (512) 220-0953Restaurant
  • (512) 434-0334To Go & Reservations
  • 2402 San Gabriel St Austin, Tx 78705


checkout Freedmens presence in the media!

  • Austin 360, October 2016

    This century-old stunning building and its handsome wooden bar feel like they could have been pulled from a Western…the supple brisket, tangy pulled pork, spicy jalapeño pimento cheese, and smoked beets with goat cheese have helped make this one of the best barbecue restaurants in town. Bonus points for the best cocktail…at a barbecue restaurant.

  • Eating Las Vegas, October 2016

    Everything was just about perfect at Freedmen’s. The service was fast, the food came quick… A laid back lounge and beer garden serving barbecue and retro-inspired cocktails… The ribs might’ve been the best overall for pure, sweet-smoked porkiness.

  • Austin Food Magazine, October 2016

    Freedmen’s bar and Smokehouse is now serving up some special barrel-aged cocktails perfect for pairing with… smoke meats, or simply for sipping and savoring. Freedmen’s, known for their extensive selection… is enticing… cocktail lovers with its array of classic barrel-aged cocktails, all handcrafted from scratch and made to order.

  •, November 2016

    If backyard parties are more your style, the laid-back vibe at Freedmen’s is your ticket… venture outdoors with a platter of barbecue and house-made pickles… and finish the night with smoked banana pudding and the featured whiskey of the month.

  • Texas Monthly, September 2016

    It has actual ambience… of marble-topped tables in the bar and a courtyard patio. And the barbecue… is incredibly tasty. Best of show was the brisket… but our favorite finish was… the double-oaked Woodford Reserve from the impressive bourbon list.

  • Do512, N/A

    Freedmen’s has been serving Austin delicious BBQ and retro-inspired cocktails for some time now… boasts an expansive collection of over 160 different types of whiskey. Freedman’s is the perfect place to put away business and get some good ol’ southern comfort.

  • Keep Austin Eatin’, N/A

    The spicy rub on the brisket and… ribs make Freedmen’s some of the best BBQ in town… it’s fun to try out the Bartender’s Choice, but any of their Whiskey cocktails are perfect pair with BBQ. The outdoor seating is casual and one of the most inviting patios in the city…